A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In a world of sweet lies, even love spoils.

One of your peers is lying to you. 

Staying hidden between fake magicians and scam artists alike, you've built your business secretly selling poison to nobles.

But with business comes dangerous fun. Now, a client has been executed, and the whole poison-selling network may be exposed. You, included.

Every path you take matters. Outsmart and seduce the others, and you may be the one to survive.


Belladonna’s Flight is a poison-dealing romance visual novel and passion project by Night Asobu and a talented team of creatives. 

Inspired by a real historic case of a poisoner network getting caught in the 17th century in Paris, just with a little more magic.  ✨

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This is a demo submitted to the  Otome Jam VN 2023 and Josei game jam!

The full version will be far more delicious.


The demo has...

💚 12k+ Words 

💚 All kinds of intrigue, corruption, & petty nobles

💚 Mysterious original jazz tracks

💚 Beautiful visuals

💚 Partial voice acting, 1 fully voice acted scene   

💚 Gorgeous thematic UI (do you recognise the plants?)

💚 Poison. Lots of Poison.


Catherine Auclair: The Witch. Voiced by Nhea Durousseau

You play Catherine Auclair, a witch working in the underground world of Solroy. You’ve made your business delving into your most profitable vices –  poison and promises. Since becoming a witch, you’ve mostly focused on your own interests and pleasures. But you can’t get out of this mess alone, or can you?

Aravind: The Assistant. Voiced by Kiran Kumar

“I always love to do business with you, Master.”

Your trusted, and loyal assistant Aravind, taken on through a recommendation. He knows everything about your business, so it helps that he’s just as cunning.

Who do you believe, and who do you sell to?

Belladonna's Flight has 3 criminal Love Interests:   

Adam Decaux: The "Magician". Voiced by Mike Young

“If it’s something magical, I might be able to help.” 

A “magician” of high society, Adam Decaux frequents salons with his magic tricks and silver tongue.

There’s a chance he may backstab you for his own gain. But he’s a valuable ally and source of intel. Could there be some truth to his lies?

Marie Chaligault: The "Fortune Teller". Voiced by Camille "Coda" Weefur

“Is there something you want?”

A riot amongst the inner circle of elites, popular Marie Chaligault is always able to sell her charms. When you were teenagers, she was your guiding light in the streets of Solroy. Now, she’s your business rival. Could her connections save you in these desperate times, or has time ruined what once was?

Gilbert Emery: The Corrupt Priest. Voiced by Paradoxxxical

“Perhaps only the heavens and the devil are able to save us.”

By day, a warm and patient holy man, but by night? Gilbert Emery procures the “devil’s assistance” to his most desperate clients. For a price, of course. But could even the unholiest man in the church learn to trust a witch?


Voice Cast

Additional music by Musicians on FMA such as:

Content Warnings

Belladonna's Flight Demo includes mentions of domestic violence and executions/capital punishment.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorNight Asobu
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, Historical, josei, LGBT, Otome, Queer, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Belladonna's Flight DEMO Ver. 1.2 for Mac 291 MB
Belladonna's Flight DEMO Ver. 1.2 for PC/Linux 325 MB

Install instructions

This game may cause a ‘do you trust this?’ window to pop up upon installing.


(Option 1) Go to settings, and click ‘open anyway’ in the privacy setting for trusted apps.  (Option 2) Right-click/CTRL and click on the game icon, click ‘open’ once, then click ‘open’ again.


Click the ‘more information’ button, afterward click the ‘run anyway’ button.

Development log


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is aravind a love interest?


Loved this! I love games with intrigue and magic and this has both. Is Aravind going to be a love interest too? Please tell me that he is, I love their dynamic.


First impressions:
* Confession: I have a thing for Ing, and that thing is "adoration". I remember seeing Ing post updates during Otome Jam with GUI and Logo, and I knew from there, this was a game to be played!
* GUI = masterful. There's a sweet "swish" when the sub menu opens and the sub menu name appears on the lower part of the circle like a wheel. So awesome.
* Logo = Gorgeous. On point with being a poison-dealing romance with the leaves and flowers to boot.
* Story and writing = Intriguing. Secret squirrel and engaging storyline with poison dealing romance. Super keen to try out more!
* Voice acting = Brilliantly casted.

Overall - amazing demo! Download now!

Thank you so much for the kind comment and even the let's play!


Goodness, i’m very excited about this one. The voices are spectacular. Especially Adam’s. On top of that, the art, design, and colour/palette choices are amazing. The music is great. There are a couple of spots where the music stops or changed tune (and didn’t quite fit), but was otherwise spot-on. I loved the interactive element of the choices - where to go, who to see, how much money you can make, etc. That’s such an interesting factor, and I love it. I can see how it’s going to make for a great many more options as you go through, and make learning new/interesting secrets/notes more fun. The only thing I could complain about was the text - a few times, when there was a lot being said/to-be-read, the text cut-off - I wasn’t sure if this was due to the font I chose, but it didn’t allow me to scroll or anything, so I wasn’t sure how to see the rest of the text. But really, that was it. I’m really excited about this full release. This is such a great and interesting story, and it’s well-developed and well-paced so far! I cannot wait!


Thank you so much for the in-depth comment! Really happy to see you were able to enjoy so many elements of our game! Our whole team really did their best. And thank you for pointing out the text cut-off, we will definitely look into it! 


It shows - the love and care taken is very evident. Just wonderfully so! And no worries! It may have been the font-choice. I’m happy to test it again at anytime, too. Whatever helps!

Show post...

This surely interesting, and nice Logo-UI design!


What an amazing demo, Night! Loved MC and Marie so much ♡


Stylish and classy -- love it! You did a really good job at pulling the reader in with those POV cuts and the blur effects. Also that UI was to die for. Excited to see the full release! 

robobarbie!! Thanks for checking it out!! Ingthing did her UI-magic again for us and really happy you like the camera work! We will do our best for the full release!


Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! 

What else is there to say but... WOW!!!! 

Belladonna's Flight is so unbelievably stylish and divine! The sprite art possesses such a soft and angelic quality in contrast to the darkly poisonous activities being engaged in. Absolutely LOVE the dichotomy presented, and I cannot wait to get my hands on Gilbert in the full game. I can totally fix him, right?

The writing is absolutely excellent, and the cast has such a lifelike way of interacting with one another. The gossip scene was by far my favorite. With the way the camera panned around and the characters leaned in and out... I genuinely felt like I was eavesdropping in the corner. I never wanted it to end! 

Really looking forward to future updates!


notafish!! So happy to hear you like it!!! Well, you can definitely spend more time with Gilbert in the future ;) 

We also wanted the game to feel more cinematic, so seeing that you like the camera work makes the time spent on it worth it! 


I love this, it's interesting tho the graphic is beautiful 😊


I have been waiting for this <3